The Editor Within

The Editor Within



During my 2-minutes of writing (described in the mostly unedited first blog post) last night, I wrote and edited three lines, then deleted them all because the editor within was denouncing and correcting as I recorded thoughts. Finally, I wrote some version of the following, and at the last minute, I perfectly erased everything by sleepy-accident. I dejectedly closed the computer and went to bed. The following is that which I reconstructed of the post, just before I fell asleep.



And now a word about listening to the editor in your head.


The moment you realize you’re listening to a bossy and critical editor in your head, stop writing. I recommend being gentle because your editor could be a composite of voices that belong to other people or experiences. Dive down no rabbit holes of argument or self-defense.


Tell the editor:


“Time to stand down. Right now it is not your turn. Right now creative writing is going on and this is a work in progress. Your turn will be later, toward the end of the writing exploration. ”


This is me.




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  1. Oh my gosh I love this! Your voice is just wonderful. I know it’s funny but as the daughter of a writer who has read many of her materials before she has submitted to publication and as the niece of her editor it is just exciting to see your writing from that perspective.!
    The editor within 🙂 what if we talked to the editor within not just about our writing but about how we think and govern our lives compared to what we think people think of us? Maybe we could just tell the editor within to stand down it’s not your turn! And then we could live fully without fear of what somebody else thought or did? It’s just a thought:)
    Love you!!

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